Birds of fortune

We may be more or less skeptical about symbolism; however, this does not change the fact that for thousands of years millions of people all over the world have arrived at similar conclusions when observing nature, distinguishing some paintings over others. With this awareness in mind, it is worth being surrounded by unique paintings.

Birds undeniably provide such motives for paintings. Cranes, geese or swans are examples of wonderful partnership and parenthood, at the same time soaring in the clouds. What more can you want? These are good paintings for families and wedding couples, but also for those who are dreaming of their own space. For all the others we recommend non-committal, casual, but always pleasant-to-the-eye motives such as poppies, grasses, butterflies and dragonflies. Transient, wonderful moments…

Cranes motive. Birds of fortune.

Since the Middle Ages, cranes have been identified with happiness and luck all over the world. In Egypt this bird was an attribute of the gods; its flight over the Nile was the sign of prosperity. In the Chinese culture it symbolized good, immortality, breaking the bonds of earthly limitations, the unity of two people and eternal luck. Until this day, when people in China, Japan and North Korea toast, they say “May your lives be long and happy as a crane’s life is”. 

Cranes are a gracious motive for artists. Elegant in their movements, charming and dignified in dance, light and majestic in the air. Their physical beauty is undeniable. They enchant the artist with their harmony and movement elegance.

Geese motive. The bird of providence and marriage.

The goose is the artist’s favorite bird species. In her works, she tries to depict their dynamism and energy combined with water and air. With a few exceptions, it evokes exceptional respect all over the world. In Chinese, Indian and Greek cultures it symbolizes marriage happiness; in the Bible, Roman and Celtic cultures it denotes providence and vigilance, while in Buddhism it refers to the power of spiritual virtues. Its wonderful nature and skills are unique and worth following. In art, a goose has been wonderfully depicted in Jacques Perrin’s movie Macrocosm – Winged Migration.

Dragonfly motive. Live life to the fullest, it is but a moment…

In almost every corner of the world, a dragonfly symbolizes changes in the self-realization perspective. The agile flight of the dragonfly and its ability to move in all six directions creates the sense of power and mastering of all of one’s capabilities. Dragonflies live only a few moths. During this time, they develop their magnificent skills, which they then make full advantage of. 

The Poppy motive. Get carried away…

Poppies seem light and submissive. Subjected to delicate breeze, they come to life and gains grace. In many countries they are associated with calm sleep (Morpheus flower). In Chinese symbolism, the poppy represents rest, beauty, success.