Chinese art has been a source of inspiration for other cultures for centuries. Thus, confronting Chinese spectators with the artist’s works presents a big challenge.

Anna Borkowska has prepared an exclusive collection of paintings. The motives has been connected with flowers. The Chinese analyze paintings very long, expressing feelings, laughter, showing happiness and emotion. They absorb the entire space, the whole painting. Both the motives, as well as the precision of the painting and expression are satisfactory for the Chinese audience. It turns out that creating paintings using pastels is entirely unknown in China.

The Shanghai Botanical Garden is a place which favors exhibitions, with many people visiting to relax, do tai-chi or dance. The entire space seems cohesive, harmonious and full of energy.

The artist would like to express her gratitude for such wonderful reception of her art in such a unique place as the Shanghai Botanical Garden and would like to thank especially the management of the Shanghai Botanical Garden, the Shanghai media and the Fedrigoni company.


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nowoczesne obrazy do salonu