About the pictures

Drawing has been my favourite and most appreciated technique since my childhood. One gesture can express everything. My aim is to make a drawing as perfect and elusive as the main characters of my works: birds, insects and other animals. The energy of a brush stroke should be as powerful as the energy of nature… 

My present pictures selected according to the following categories:

Light and energy reflection. 

A bright, luminous and at times gold-plated painting offers light and energy to its viewer. Its task is to exert a positive effect.


Flow is quite an abstract notion. It is the impression that everything in the painting coincides in a natural and harmonious way. Each element fits and affects others, has the same energy, quality and expression; all parts are on the same “wavelength”. 

Nature of the motive.

It is about achieving the impression of movement, matter, energy, all the magic of a given subject. A dragonfly, for example, depicts lightness, transience, quickness, precision, shimmering color. That is how a stroke should look like in graphic art.